Dairy industry is a very sensitive industry because of the nature of all the various products it produces. Manufacturers dealing in dairy industry find it challenging to supervise their business when it comes to managing milk’s quality control at various levels of processing. In addition to this, they find it difficult to calculate rates based on quality and quantity, handling orders, as well as tracking activities from procurement till the delivery of a product. All these manufacturers are hunting for a solution that can smoothly automate all the above-mentioned processes and integrate them with the existing system.

Milk procurement is considered as a complex process, that needs special attention on regular basis. Therefore, it is important that an ERP technology you choose is able to handle this complex process, which requires immediate execution on regular basis.

Key features:

  • An effective ERP for dairy businesses solution takes care of accurate supply chain management starting from collecting of raw milk to delivery of products to customers. This will help in making the process transparent and proficient, which helps businesses in making the supply chain flawless.
  • It can easily be integrated with financial module so that invoices, bills, and other banking transactions can be handled effortlessly. It helps in aligning various processes that get standardized. Also, the operation time is going to be reduced by a great percentage. The automatic generation of milk purchase bills will definitely reduce the time spent by the accounting team.
  • The best ERP should be able to streamline complicated calculation. For example, calculate incentives to suppliers or farmers and milk gain or loss during transportation.
  • It should be easily integrated with smart devices, such mobile phones, tables, etc. Also, you should get the notifications and alert in time.