Sap Business One Digital Reshaping of The Chemical Industry

PostedOn: 2018-03-23 17:39:01

he global chemical companies appears to be in a fascinating time. Despite evolving regulatory environment, fierce competition, major regional shifts of demand and supply base, globalization and increased environmental awareness, the chemical industry is poised to grow. To rapidly differentiate and win in new markets, the industry has to reinvent its business and operating models and chart a clear course forward. However, driving digital innovation and implementing new technology will take time, which means these companies should begin sooner rather than later. Increase success in new markets and segments For the chemical industry, the competition is intense. The competition is emerging from every corners from energy, utilities and mining sector, and especially more from healthcare, pharma, and life sciences companies. Chemical companies hoping to grow their customer base and market share are looking for ways to gain more agility. As a result, many are considering a software that is

How Sap B1 Digital Transformation can save Paper and Packaging

PostedOn: 2018-03-22 13:10:10

he global Sap B1 paper and packaging industry is in a state of transition as it tries to thrive in this age of digital media and paperless technology. Leaders are using digital technologies like mobile, analytics and Big Data along with innovative business models and re-designed processes to differentiate and grow. Read this white paper to learn more about: What you and your paper or packaging company need to know to be prepared for the new digital economy Steps to digitizing your paper or packaging business: reimaging your business models, business processes and work Five technology trends changing everything for paper and packaging Five pillars of digitization that every paper or packaging company needs to think about –operations, workforce, IoT, supplier collaboration and the digital core An example of how an end-to-end digital process can work including real-time planning, execution, and analytics How to start the journey to becoming a digital paper an

SAP Business One CRM and SAP Cloud for Customer Sales a perfect match for customer engagement

PostedOn: 2018-03-09 12:07:54

Typical integration requirements between SAP Business One and SAP Cloud for Customer Sales include Customer And BP customer master file information, addresses, phone numbers etc. Activities customer notes and activities Stock availability and product options for selling Pricingretail and customer specific pricing Accounts receivable information about customer accounts receivables, open invoices etc. But, lets assume that you want to take your CRM to the next level cloud based CRM, Social Media integration, marketing campaigns, newsletters, account management planning and more. SAP Cloud for Customer Sales and CRM with all the required integration to SAP Business One is the answer that you are looking for. Designed by SAP as a cloud based CRM, social media, marketing and service solution, SAP Cloud for Customer sales offers everything you need to run and manage your sales team. What is more, the integration to SAP Business One is available out the box a

Factoring & the Apparel & Footwear solution

PostedOn: 2018-02-27 16:33:40

Today, many apparel companies rely on factors to process their orders.  So what is a factor? Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is an alternative form of financing used by startup companies all the way up to multibillion dollar corporations. An apparel factor will purchase and assume responsibility of a company's accounts receivables while making it possible to secure the working capital needed for business growth. While fashion businesses are focusing on designing, manufacturing, etc., factors are working continuously to make sure that the business has the capital necessary to pay for materials and equipment needed to make and manufacture goods and pay your apparel businesses overhead and expenses Factor Integration with SAP Business One Apparel & Footwear Solution Companies do not want to lose revenue by missing a shipping deadline because they are waiting for a credit approval to be processed.  By implementing the proper apparel software system with fa

How to Successfully Retain Customers in the Apparel And Footwear Industry

PostedOn: 2018-02-26 13:00:23

It is no doubt that this is a pretty challenging economic climate, regardless of what industry you’re in. But for Apparel and Footwear companies, you want to make sure you are able to satisfy your client base during these growing times. Your clients are the ones you count on to stay profitable, after all. This profitability is directly related to what Enterprise Resource System you use. When most growing Apparel & Footwear companies look for an ERP system, they often think a solution like SAP is too complex and as a result choose a solution that is inadequate for their business, leading to inefficient process. The truth is  the more inefficient the processes, the harder it is to retain clients. You know how essential it is to generate a unique buying experience that satisfies clients purchase requirements, thus convincing them to keep coming back. The challenge you will face, though, is the fact that in the Apparel and Footwear industry it can complex to manage a company with bo

Why SAP Business One is the Best Solution for Your Apparel & Footwear Organization

PostedOn: 2018-02-17 14:59:58

As we start out the New Year, chances are you have started thinking about new ways to grow your Apparel & Footwear organization. You want to be able to nurture and retain your current customers, while capturing as much new business as achievable. Do you have proper insight into which current processes are working and which aren’t? Without key insight into where and how you make a profit, it may get increasingly difficult to become up with customer demand and keep them happy. What processes have become challenging as your organization continues to expand? SAP Business One is just the solution to address the following challenges your Apparel & Footwear organization may face: Manual Processes Manual processes are time consuming and ultimately take a toll on your productivity. Not only can they hinder your sales team from making timely decisions regarding delivery dates for your customers, but they are often faulty in terms of the data entered and pulled from them. Errors caused by do