Time and product quality are the essence of the dairy industry. Dairy producers are often caught between short shelf life of the products on one side and multi-level quality checks on the other. To make matters worse, extended supply chains and increasing regulatory controls, put ever escalating demands on dairy producers. The need to find a solution that automates connected processes and integrates them seamlessly with their business set-up is thus getting increasingly important.

With dedicated modules for each sensitive task, SAP Business One automates furthermore improves dairy industry’s business processes and offers great control over aspects like Raw Milk Procurement Management, Distribution Management, Financials and Banking, and Reporting.

Let’s look at SAP Business One can bring value to your dairy business.

Effective Quality Control Management

SAP Business One help producers reduce business risk by preventing human error. The software ensures that quality assurance practices are strictly adhered to with no hoard able to leave the factories unless all quality assurance testing has been completed and approved. In addition, SAP Business One also works to ensure it can trace its products once they arrive in their goal market – helping minimise quality concerns.

Defining Supplier Contracts

Another remarkable feature of SAP Business One is the ability to find innovative ways to define contracts with suppliers and farmers. This has resulted in the thinning of product counterfeiting and has armed producers with a ‘paddock to plate’ authenticity for ingredients used in their finished products. As a result, producers can derive more value from their products and meet patron demand for healthy and authentic dairy products.

City Supply Route Management

Supply and distribution is important for dairy companies as perishable goods need to move quickly by truck from warehouses to multiple retailers on a particular day. These trucks need to follow the most optimum route so that call deliveries are completed within the shortest time and covering least amount distances. The SAP Business One solution enables route optimization making delivery proficient, helping businesses keep their supply chain flawless.

Food Safety and Compliance

Another feature of SAP Business One is to maintain food safety standards and regulatory compliance. In recent times, food safety has become paramount which is important for food companies along with the need to meet rigorous compliance standards of authority for different countries. SAP Business One enables the meeting of specific compliance standards and helps tackle food safety requirements.

Crate Management

Crate management is a recent entry to the SAP Business One module. With the help of crate administration, producers can now handles various operations like milk crates entry; return milk crates entry and various reports like dispatch receipt, crate ledger and more. The system identifies a crate by congregating and managing associated information regarding the crate in a timely and efficient manner.