For businesses that buy and sell products, streamlining and making their operations cost-effective is a major concern, whether they are large or small. As margins grow thinner and fight back from older players and new entrants becomes intense, focusing on automation of logistics is an sharp choice for businesses based on wholesale and distribution.

Do you know that there is a lot you can do with the standard functionality in SAP Business One to strengthen your operations? No? Then, read on.

First, let’s see how SAP Business One brings value to your business.

  • Reducing cycle times
  • Accelerating account velocity
  • Improving the performance of suppliers
  • Tracking and utilizing meaningful metrics
  • Dividing the supply chain
  • Increasing inventory yield
  • Implementing lean logistics management

Customizing SAP Business One for Logistics

Yes, you can adapt SAP Business One to the meet the specific needs of your business. You need not edge yourself to its standard capabilities. SAP Business One partners can help you enhance and increase its core functionalities to address a unique need for your business. From simple bar-coding needs to complex requirements surrounding pot management and import documentation, this solution can handle a large numeral of business-critical logistics functions.

Why SAP Business One for Your Logistics

SAP Business One provides an unrivaled combination of functionalities for organizations with a complex warehousing system or large movements of the stock. While big warehouses and distribution centers have been enjoying the power of logistics management, it was difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to implement due to the disbursement involved. Not anymore; with SAP Business One even small businesses can enjoy the benefits of smart technology and streamlined processes that increase productivity, trim down costs and shorten fulfillment times.

The great thing about SAP Business One is that it offers standard technology that can be easily incorporated and customized. It’s easy to mount and configure and offers a robust platform at a lesser cost.

Features of SAP Business One for Logistics Management

Defining storage locations: With this feature, you define storage locations with up to 4 coordinates, including shelf, bay, aisle and zone. You can also distribute the quantity of any item to various storage locations in the warehouse. That too, with predefined put-away preferences for each product.

  • Simple stock and location management: After a stock transaction is performed SAP Business One allows the user to define source and target locations for the items in the transaction. You can attribute multiple source and target locations for any line item.
  • Stock reservation: By extending the functionality of SAP Business One, you can enable sales order line stock worries against batches, quantities and serial numbered items.
  • Complete stock view: The application helps you have a clear view of the stock transactions, movements and related documents in one window for each item and warehouse. With real-time handing out, you can track what stocks are not yet located across every transaction.
  • Picking process: Users can perform the fully integrated picking process on the storage location level. Computers, mobile devices on handheld terminals, truck mounted terminals or transportable tablets can be used to record the transaction.
  • Storage recommendations: SAP Business One calculates storage recommendations in the background for you according to rules outlined as per specific customers. It supports three types of storage recommendations: incoming, refilling and picking.