• Document entry incl. payment (also open delivery notes)
  • Linking with credit card terminals
  • Management of customer cards
  • Management of gift coupons
  • Order entry
  • On-/offline processing possible anytime

You would like to link the existing cash point with the ERP solution SAP Business One and to profit from the common master data? Or you would like to have a simple process for complex selling transactions or even to work at different subsidiaries? In this case you need our professional solution AIS - POSĀ 

To relieve your logistics, orders and delivery notes can be recorded directly on AIS - POS and are immediately ready for disposition. For the payment you have the opportunity to integrate credit card terminals which support all known means of payment. If you sell gift vouchers shall assume AIS - POS here to manage and guide the limits of current coupons.


To comply with the substantial requirements which guarantee for a stable and permanently available solution, data are exchanged in a classical client/server architecture. Master data are provided on a server, respectively the transactions are integrated in SAP Business One. The whole data exchange is carried out with XMLfiles or web services, so that access to DSL will suffice for the subsidiaries.


The "Sales document" (invoice with payment) provides all functions for a simple and fast disposal of articles. Also open delivery notes and invoices can be paid directly.

For payment, the integration of a credit card terminal is possible, which supports all known means of payment such as debit card, credit cards etc. Also transactions (cash, credit) with variable currencies (EURO, USD and INR etc.) are possible.

To unburden logistics, orders or delivery notes can directly be entered and are immediately available for disposition.

Would you like to sell gift coupons, then Cash One makes for you the administration of the gift coupons in circulation. So whenever you would like, you have access to the most up to date information on gift coupons in SAP Business One.

Customer cards simplify the identification of regular customers, so that you are able to serve customers even faster.

Evaluations / Documents

For being able to issue and modify "Sales documents" for the different requirements without additional costs, uses MS SQL Server 2012 Reports. With this tool the receipt, confirmation of order, delivery note, invoice and gift coupons have been designed.


With the SAP Business One Integration you are able to reduce the transaction times and are therefore able to invest more time in customer care and selling of your products.


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