In an ideal business environment, balancing accurate inventory management is crucial for delivering on promise and retaining the promise and satisfaction of customers. The SAP Business One application offers best in class features and functionality to reorganize your inventory and production management requirements. So, if you are a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, mega mall manager or a trader who wants to keep an exact record of the stock interest group and manage inventory in multiple warehouse as well as locations on the fly, this blog will give you a good read.

Perform Instantly Availability Checks with available-to-promise feature

The advanced ERP such as SAP Business One provides a critical insight into the movements of stock. By facilitating core production planning, the application empowers conclusion makers with real-time access to accurate information on inventory and stock movement from their desktop, mobile device, irrespective of their position or network reach.

The software also allows you to track item stock levels and adjust the quantity details by what is previously committed to customers. Available in the cloud or on premise, you can choose and keep a check on delivery quantities, propose new delivery schedules of the products, and suspend delivers on the fly.

With the available-to-promise feature in SAP Business One, you can keep a constant tab on inventory and precisely know the movement of your inventory out of warehouse such as: account transfer request, production orders, purchase orders with negative quantity and other such vital details.

Production and Warehouse Reports

With SAP Business One, it’s as straightforward as pie to generate and extract detailed reports on stock and inventory valuations, counts, perform production planning and analysis to make quick and informed decisions. Further, with interactive drill-down functionality, you can sift from first to last relevant data and answers quickly.

SAP Business One empowers decision makers and users to avoid shortages and make sure timely delivery with detailed report and access real-time, accurate information the way you want from your laptop or from your mobile device.

The Bottom Line

This clearly indicates that SAP Business One is an important component for businesses to help organizations manage their inventory hassle-free and in the best way potential. The ERP software is an integrated all-in-one industry’s leading solution which track the course of register items picked, packed and shipped. With innovative features, mobile solutions, scalability, give, and an an easy-to-use interface, SAP Business One is an ideal solution that you may want to meet the demand that market realities dictate.