The medical industry across the globe is highly regulated. Compliance with FDA, TGA and other standards is of critical importance in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices and sometimes even in the medical consumables market. Adhering to the regulatory compliances in every process from start to close is a long and exhaustive process. Not only is the process time-consuming, but it is expensive too.

With SAP Business One, companies are able to look holistically across strategic, operational and other creation activities. SAP Business One not only optimizes the decision making but also mitigates risks. As a result of compliance standards being met within the entire supply-chain, companies will see a greater focus on operational flow to boost bottom-lines.

Some exceptional features of SAP Business One for maintaining Pharmaceutical compliance are:

Offers Unmatched Traceability

With the help of serial numbers, you can track and trace physical equipment and raw supplies. The lot number traceability function lets you create batches or lots for raw materials and finished goods. This ensures that you trail and trace all materials through to the finished good batch that they belong to. In addition, you can print Batch Manufacturing Information or edit batch details for quality assurance.

Eases Process Documentation

Extensive and detailed documentation is essential to the pharmaceutical industry. These details help to establish the transparency and resolve issues quickly. credentials includes information about the regulations that companies must comply with, the details of systems installed, vendor’s details, QC specifications, reports, and inventory movement. SAP Business One is capable of generating this in a systematic manner.

Optimizes Inventory Control

SAP Business One offers full inventory control – from purchase orders and purchase order approval through to purchase planning, receipting, stock take and dispatch. As a result, stock levels are adjusted, inventory accounts ascribed or debited, and applicable inventory variances accounted for as soon as a stock movement is posted in SAP Business One. The inventory transfer functionality allows you to readily move items from one warehouse to another.

Facilitates Vendor Management

With procurement from a verified and certified vendor becoming mandatory in the Pharmaceutical industry, SAP Business One ensures purchasing of material from certified vendors and keeps records for the best buy in the expectations. Along with maintaining vendor details like discount price and special offers, it also prompts when their certification is about to expire, ensuring compliance to the rule.