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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get the answers to your SAP Business One questions with SAP Business One FAQs and see how SAP Business One can make your business a best-run business. Open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been around for a while, yet there is still the understanding that ERP systems share the same features as accounting systems. Further to that understanding, many companies believe that if their books are in order there is no need for an ERP solution.

    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on SAP Business One and reasons why you need to add SAP Business One to your ERP shortlist when considering your next ERP software solution:

    1. What is SAP Business One?

    SAP Business One is an ERP software aimed for SMBs, with a single interface that caters to various processes in the finance, sales, customer relationship management, and operations departments. SAP Business One is capable of managing the needs and complexities at any stage of growth. Ananth Info solutions has best in class Business One solutions

    2. What are the modules of SAP Business One?

    The following modules are available in SAP Business One.


    Accounting and Finance

    Customer Service and Sales

    Controlling purchases and inventory management

    Production Scheduling

    Insight into the business world

    Reporting & Analytics

    Administration & Management

    Accounting and Finance

    Distribution & Inventory

    MRP & Production

    Management of Projects and Resources

    Service & Sales

    Operations & Purchasing

    3. Isn’t SAP software only for Large Organizations?

    SAP offers a variety of products tailored to various industries. SAP Business One has been specifically created and developed from the ground up to address the specific needs, requirements, and budgets of small to medium-sized firms. SAP Business One does provide business solutions for very large organisations.Ananth Info solutions has best in class Business One solutions for all types of businesses.

    4. Isn’t SAP too costly for small business?

    SAP Business One, a product designed primarily for small and mid-sized organisations, fulfils and surpasses expectations in terms of pricing, capability, and flexibility. SAP Business One is simple to set up and customise, and it requires little training. Ananth Info solutions has best in class Business One solutions for all types of businesses.

    5. Is SAP Business One easy to use?

    Yes, SAP Business One is a very user-friendly ERP system for small enterprises. The ease of use lies at the heart of SAP Business One’s low total cost of ownership. SAP Business One ERP is a great option for firms who don’t have the time or resources to invest in a comprehensive training programme.

    6. Our company is experiencing rapid growth. Will we outgrow SAP Business One?

    Companies frequently outgrow their business solutions unless their ERP system is nimble and responsive enough to grow with them. Your internal processes will become more sophisticated as your business requirements become more complex and more employees join your team. You’ll discover that SAP Business One is up to the task of meeting those problems and evolving alongside your company.

    Because SAP Business One is designed for medium-sized businesses, there is plenty of flexibility for your company to expand before hitting any limits. Your SAP Business One partner will almost always tell you what your ERP future holds with SAP Business One and if there are any feasible alternatives.

    7. Is the future of SAP Business One Assured?

    SAP invests about 2 million Euros in research and development every day (R&D). When you choose a solution from the world’s leading provider of business management software, you’re assuring your company’s support and product development will be stable and long-lasting. SAP Business One product roadmaps are updated on a regular basis, giving users confidence in the solution’s future.

    8. Is SAP Business One an Integrated Solution?

    This is standard capability in SAP Business One, and there is no need for costly customisation to get your business activities to communicate with one another. You can connect all of your employees and business units when you combine all of your important business operations into a single application, providing you a 360-degree picture of your whole business and boosting control. SAP Business One enables you to accomplish just that. Our friendly sales team will provide you with end to end support.

    9. Is SAP Business One a reputable Solution?

    SAP is the world’s leading provider of enterprise business applications. They have millions of ERP users around the world and rely heavily on this knowledge to provide the best solution for your company. SAP Business One currently has over 60000 successful installs worldwide, and it is quickly becoming one of the market leaders in SME ERP software.Ananth Info solutions has multi industry experience of many years.

    10. Can I access my SAP Business One system from my Mobile Phone?

    Yes, there are a variety of modules and add-ons for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android mobile devices. These were created exclusively for SAP Business One, allowing you to view all of your business data while on vacation in the Bahamas or attending a meeting.Ananth Info team will also guide you set up.

    11. How quickly will is make my money back after implementing SAP Business One?

    Our clients’ average ROI duration is between 18 and 24 months, with some seeing a complete return on their implementation and software investments in less than a year.

    12. How do I know What SAP Business One partner to choose?

    Your SAP Business One partner’s connection is critical to the overall success of your implementation and can mean the difference between success and failure for your ERP solution. Helpful and experienced team from Ananth Info have a wide acceptance in the industry.

    13. What is the difference between on premise and cloud hosting?

    When you install SAP Business One on your own server, it means that SAP B1 is hosted on your server. This solution necessitates the use of a server as well as the necessary staff to manage it. Companies who cannot afford it can always go for Cloud hosting, which is a less expensive choice.

    14. Can I get maintenance help in case I opt for On-Premise Hosting of SAP Business One?

    Experienced sales team from Ananth Info Solutions can guide you and you can discuss the matter.

    15. What is the difference between the SQL and HANA versions of SAP Business One?

    SQL is a Microsoft database, whereas HANA is a SAP database. This means that any new features or upgrades will only be applicable to the HANA version and not the SQL version. The HANA version, while slightly more expensive, includes extra capabilities such as dashboards for departments like as finance, sales, and marketing, as well as an enterprise “Google Like” search tool and does not require a separate database.

    In contrast to SQL, which stores data on a hard disc, HANA’s in-memory database allows you to access information faster because it is stored on RAM memory chips that are adjacent to the processor.

    16. How long would it take for SAP Business One to start up and running?

    The time it takes to implement depends on a number of factors, including your requirements, industry, additional features, and modules. Ananth Info Solutions, on the other hand, recognises the importance of your time and implements projects as quickly as possible. We also want to finish the installation in 45 to 60 days.

    17. Is SAP Business One training offered for all the users?

    Yes, all registered users receive training. We place an emphasis on training to provide a smoother deployment and operation of SAP Business One in the firm.

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