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Material Management

Financial & Accounting


Project Management



Step 1

The procurement process get starts from BOQ. Each line of the BOQ will have either Item or service

Step 2

BOQ has budget, the procurement will be planned within budget limit. The Qty and Value will be fixed in the BOQ.

Step 3

The procurement wizard takes all procurable items and services from BOQ and list in the screen.

Step 4

Therefore, the users can decide what needs to be procure. The items, qty and vendors can be selected and generate PO against it.

Step 5

The service PO can also be raised from this wizard. The type of the services and vendor can be selected and generated

Step 6

PO Qty and Pending Order Qty can be visible. Therefore, the user can raise the purchase order to multiple vendors.

Step 7

The Procurement will be controlled by Budget which is mentioned in the BOQ. If exceeds the PO will go for approval.

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management




Project / BOQ

New projects creation which has complete information like Phase/ Floor/ Plot/Flat details can also be maintain.

Stages and task can be created. BOQ can be created and level 1 to level 10 stages can be created in this system.

Budget amount can be updated in the last stage and the accumulated budget amount will be updated each higher stages.

Budget amendment can be possible, but it will be processed through approval.

Item or Services can be mentioned in BOQ. Qty and item price and value can be maintained.

The Procurement process can also be starts from here.

Project Planning

M Book

Project Control / Cost Control


Every Project in the system will have multiple Warehouses. Therefore, Project wise warehousing system will be maintained.

Every warehouse will have Bin System, hence stock in the warehouse maintains preciously

Incoming and utilized stock details can be tracked with history.

Multiple Inventory UoMs can be maintain