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List of SAP b1 companies in chennai
SAP B1 implementation companies in Chennai

Vertical - Tannery

SAP business one partners in chennai

Why Tannery Need Sap?

  • SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software full of integrated modules that covers virtually every aspect of business management.
  • SAP helps automate routine tasks, create tighter connections with their customers, and accomplish more with less.
  • Ensures integration of all core business functions across the organization
  • Provides complete operation control and gives access to real time data.
  • Enables transparency at every level to help the business grow and positively impact the ROI.




Vs Actual


Customer Order Tracking

SAP HANA Partner in Chennai

SAP Benefits

  • Desired reports and Dashboard Reports
  • One single Software for entire Company
  • Easy To Use. 3 Months Implementation
  • Best Practices & Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Controls like Approval, Alerts and Logic controls
  • All Financial Reports & Easy Currency Conversions
SAP b1 partners in chennai

Mobile Enabled

  • Shop floor production entries
  • Material request through App
  • Produced, rejection and rework details can be entered through app
  • Reports can be seen through app

We Provide Solutions for

Purchase Management

Easy Access and Track provides personalized features for chemical and leather procurement, with flexible data storage options, enabling efficient cost calculation and tracking of Intent to Purchase Invoices.

Inventory Management

Itemized Master Data enables seamless integration of inventory for hides, chemicals, and finished products, with centralized control, multiple unit measurement, and instant stock level monitoring to streamline procurement and utilization.

Order Management

Customer orders are accurately entered and tracked with customized reference numbers, enabling easy order entry in multiple currencies, efficient raw material and production planning, and at-a-glance reports on order status across locations.


Export Documentation

The Pre-Invoice feature allows for the generation of estimates before delivery, with easy conversion to actual invoices upon confirmation, and customizable billing and record maintenance across multiple dispatch locations.

Packaging List

User-defined Packing Profile generation using multiple size ranges (weight, area or substance). Packing List generation based on customer requirements when the goods get ready for shipping.

Production Scheduling

Advanced Production Scheduling enables operation-wise scheduling, guiding the company to determine the sequence and completion times according to customer orders, with work orders created accordingly.

Recipe Management

The Recipe Master facilitates management of predetermined finished products and by-products, allowing multiple recipes for one product, predefining essential production stages, and providing material cost calculation from raw hide to finished goods.

Operations & Process

Access the entire production process with work orders against customer sales orders, complete visibility of process sheets, and easy tracking of customer orders from source to delivery, including accounting for material consumption & planned versus actual quantities.