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List of SAP b1 companies in chennai
SAP B1 implementation companies in Chennai

Vertical - Leather Goods

SAP b1 partners in chennai

Mobile Enabled

  • Shop floor production entries
  • Material request through App
  • Produced, rejection and rework details can be entered through app
  • Reports can be seen through app

Product Lifecycle Management

New Product Development

  • Enquiry to sample production
  • FG/Sample item creation wizard
  • Proto /sample Bom
  • Customer & Company costing
  • Tech File Attachment
  • Customer order
  • Sample Production

Planning & production

  • Reserve Stock management
  • Material Feasibility
  • ETA date
  • Production Scheduling
  • Rescheduling
  • Bom
  • Production

Sales & Distribution

  • Customer Order
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Pre - Invoice
  • Packaging Sheet
  • Export Invoice
  • Domestic Invoice
  • Distribution

We Provide Solutions for

Companied Article Master

creating a new design, pictures, add a size chart template, Operations, Price List, Season and size range and colour

Bom Wizard

The Wizard simplifies creation of operations and BOMs for individual articles, allowing seasonal customization.

Presales Order

Register customer orders by article and size, allowing for detailed tracking and efficient order management.

Manage Reserve Stock

The system analyzes stock & purchase orders for customer orders, recommends purchase quantities, & generates purchase orders.

Change Reserve Stock

If the allocated stock needs to be moved to other sales order based on urgency, the change reserve stock helps them to change.

Production Scheduling

The production planning screen allows process, unit, and branch-wise planning, with easy rescheduling options.


Operation wise Production. Complete visibility of Process sheet. Easy to track production process. All kind of production related reports.

Export Documentation

Pre-Invoice feature generates estimates for goods and services before delivery, with easy conversion to actual invoices.