ERP software for footwear industry

Get ERP software for footwear industry

Our company Ananth Info is one of the best ERP software providers for the footwear industry. We have been working on ERP Software for more than 5 years and advance Manufacturing features and benefits for the footwear industry.
Our company Ananth Info is one of the best ERP software providers for the footwear industry. With our specific expertise in this industry, we can supply ERP software that will fully meet the needs of the footwear manufacturers. Our comprehensive software covers all aspects of your business, from stores to order taking and production, finance to logistics. You can get live demos over Skype or just contact us directly for detailed requirement specifications. It is our goal as a company to help you prosper and grow your business with our ERP solutions.

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Mobile Enabled

Shop floor production entries

Material request through App

Produced, rejection and rework details can be entered through app

Reports can be seen through app

Product lifecycle Management

New Product Development

  • Enquiry To Sample Production
  • Fg/sample Item Creation Wizard
  • Proto /sample Bom
  • Customer & Company Costing
  • Tech File Attachment
  • Customer Order
  • Sample Production

Planning & production

  • Reserve Stock Management
  • Material Feasibility
  • Eta Date
  • Production Scheduling
  • Rescheduling
  • Bom
  • Production

Sales & Distribution

  • Customer Order
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Pre-invoice
  • Packing Sheet
  • Export Invoice
  • Domestic Invoice

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Companied Article Master

creating a new design, pictures, add a size chart template, Operations, Price List, Season and size range and colour

SAP business one partner in india

Change Reserve Stock

If the allocated stock needs to be moved to other sales order based on urgency, the change reserve stock helps them to change.

Bom Wizard

The Wizard will help User to create for one single Article. Colour wise, Size wise Season wise Operations and BOMs in single screen. All Operations which are required for Finished Goods can be created and BOMs which is required each operation can be created. It’s very easy for them to track BoM’s. The created BoMs can be edited and modified according to the seasons.

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Production Scheduling & Rescheduling

Production planning screen gives material feasibility (ETA). Process wise, Unit wise, Branch wise planning can be done. If any deviation from existing planning, the plan can be rescheduled. Again, the Process wise, Unit wise, Branch wise rescheduling can be done.

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Presales Order

Article wise, Size wise Customer Order can be register here.

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Operation wise Production. Complete visibility of Process sheet. Easy to track production process. All kind of production related reports.

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Reserve Stock Management

Based on customer order. the system will analysis the existing stock and existing purchase order accordingly the system recommend the to be purchase qty. The existing stock and Pipe line stock will be allocated to customer order. The Purchase order will be generated for recommended qty

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Export Documentations

Pre-Invoice feature to enable the generation of an Estimate for billed goods and services sent to a customer before delivery. Easy generation of actual Invoice after confirmation. Billing and maintenance of records across multiple dispatch locations. Packing List - User -defined Packing Profile generation using multiple size ranges (weight, area or substance). Packing List generation based on customer requirements when the goods get ready for shipping.

Accounts & Finance

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Accounts Map

The blueprint of your business is a configurable tree view for structuring accounting ledgers as desired. Ledgers act as leaf nodes, while groups within them may have sub-groups and ledgers.

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Journals and Payments

To prevent mismatches when closing accounts, keep a clean and crisp ledger. Monitor earnings and expenditures, set up time closing alerts, and manage cash flow.

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Pricing and billing

Easily invoice the clients and pursue receivable payments, with email or SMS reminders for payment requests and updates. Build custom bill print templates and customize defaults in no time.


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Acquisition of Talent

Manage recruiting with an integrated recruitment platform that allows you to schedule staff criteria, publish job openings on your website, assess and email candidates, and store documents.

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Training for Employees

Plan the staff training activities that are automatically connected to employee calendars so that everyone can access planned training and schedule their to-do lists accordingly.

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Automated Payroll

Leave behind the frustration of creating individual wage slips and embrace effortless processing of payrolls based on time sheets, salary elements, and salary structures.

software can be operated anywhere in the world

Business Growth

Real Time Inventory

Mobile App

Auto SMS & Mailing To Customer When Rise Order & Invoice

Payroll With Streamline Employee Management

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